Forensic Services. Investigations.

Attorneys at Law and lawyers specializing on internal investigations, experts in the area of finance and audit, data protection, computer forensics and special means, data analytics working with the forensics and investigations practice of BMS Law Firm have gained relevant experience and expertise in securing the safety of our law firm’s clients’ businesses.

Considering the specifics and realities of today’s business, our forensics team has on multiple occasions faced a situation where working on a project involves cross-border issues, e.g., where a client is in one jurisdiction, its adversary is located in another, and disputed money or other assets are in a third one. This is where our forensics team, in order to ensure that a client’s objectives are met, engages their colleagues from among experts of Praelegal affiliated offices from more than 140 countries of the world.

Corporate Intelligence

  • | Business partner’s integrity due diligence
  • | Establishing corporate and business connections among various individuals and legal entities
  • | Investigating incidents related to breach of Russian and international anticorruption laws
  • | Tracking assets in more than 140 countries, apart from Russia
  • | Assisting in the return of assets

Preventing and investigating fraud and corruption

  • | Investigating cases of corporate fraud inside a company, including cases of misappropriation of assets and assisting in returning them
  • | Investigating cases of non-compliance with statutory requirements and standards, including breaches of Russian and international anticorruption laws and laws aimed to counteract money laundering and finance of terrorism
  • | Revealing cases of hidden conflict of interests and relations which are contrary to established business ethics
  • | Looking into true causes of insolvency of a counteragent’s company and assisting in debt recovery
  • | Designing and implementing programs to counteract fraud and comply with Russian and international regulatory requirements


  • | Performing an independent assessment of risks related to potential non-compliance with the applicable laws relating to combating corporate fraud, corruption, money laundering and finance of terrorism, with provision of practical advice on how to mitigate them
  • | Designing and implementing solutions on how to comply with the requirements of Russian and international anticorruption laws
  • | Designing and implementing controls over compliance with Russian and international requirements relating to anti-money laundering and combating finance of terrorism, including client identification procedures

Providing legal assistance in disputes and court proceedings

  • | Assessing the prospects of a case from financial and economic standpoints
  • | Gathering evidence for court
  • | Assessing and determining the amount of damage, lost profit and lost business opportunities
  • | Preparing for a trial
  • | Giving expert testimony, supporting a client in the course of questioning

Computer forensics

  • | Reading data images (including hidden data reading) from servers, desktops and other devices connected to a corporate network, including smartphones and iPads
  • | Collecting, systematizing and analyzing information from e-mails, messengers and social media
  • | Conducting computer technical expertise
  • | Ensuring computer data confidentiality and safety

Key Contacts

Alim Bishenov
Managing Partner, Attorney at Law