Our litigation and arbitration team working in collaboration with their colleagues from among employees of PraeLegal affiliated offices has an extensive experience of acting for their clients not only in Russian courts of all levels within the hierarchy (including the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the IP Court of the Russian Federation), but in courts of more than 140 countries across the globe, as well as in the course of arbitration proceedings in international arbitration institutions.

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The law firm’s criminal practice focuses on defending their clients’ interests when the latter are accused in committing crimes against property (fraud, misappropriation or embezzlement), in the area of economic activities (for instance, illegal banking activities, money laundering, tax evasion), breach of official duties in commercial and other organizations (abuse of power, corrupt business practices).

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Attorneys at Law, lawyers and insolvency practitioners working at BMS Law Firm enjoy an extensive experience in providing legal support in the course of bankruptcy proceedings both on a debtor’s and a creditor’s side.

Apart from rendering legal assistance in relation to bankruptcy cases in Russia, the law firm’s team, if needed, together with their colleagues, employees of PraeLegal affiliated law offices from across more than 140 countries, provides legal support in bankruptcies related to cross-border transactions where the debtor, creditor and respective assets are located in different jurisdictions.

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BMS Law Firm’s tax law team successfully advises their clients on matters relating to application of tax laws and acts for them in disputes with tax authorities in the course of administrative proceedings and litigating them in courts of all instances.

Besides, it should be noted that our tax law practice provides services not only in Russia, but also abroad with engaging tax lawyers from amongst Praelegal affiliated law offices.

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Litigation Funding

BMS Law Firm offers its clients services on litigation funding. Legal funding advances are provided for lawsuits conducted in the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and in other jurisdictions, as well as for cross-border disputes.

Within the framework of this service, the Firm and its partners extend financing to a BMS Law Firm’s client in exchange for a percentage share of the financial outcome of litigation proceedings. Such percentage share depends on the amount of claim, the complexity of a case and is agreed on individually on a case-by-case basis.

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