Tax Law Practice

BMS Law Firm’s tax law team successfully advises their clients on matters relating to application of tax laws and acts for them in disputes with tax authorities in the course of administrative proceedings and litigating them in courts of all instances. Besides, it should be noted that our tax law practice provides services not only in Russia, but also abroad with engaging tax lawyers from amongst Praelegal affiliated law offices across more than 140 countries.

  • | Performing tax audit of the client’s business processes
  • | Advising on matters of application of tax laws
  • | Tax planning and tax minimization strategies
  • | Protecting the client’s interests in the course of tax surveillance events
  • | Representing the client in the course of administrative proceedings and when resolving tax law related disputes in courts of all instances
  • | Defending the client in case of tax evasion charges

Key Contacts

Denis Zaitsev
Head of tax law practice, Attorney at Law