BMS Law Firm comprises a team of highly qualified lawyers and advocates rendering legal services to Russian and foreign businesses.

“We protect the interests of our clients combining professionalism and speed of our work with international quality standards of rendered legal services.”

Today, BMS Law Firm is a reputable team of experts with more than 10 years of practice in the Russian market of legal services specializing in the following key areas of expertise:

  • | Dispute resolution and mediation
  • | Protection of business from criminal liability
  • | Tax law and tax law related disputes

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BMS Law Firm is an active member of PraeLegal International Law Association and has been granted an exclusive right to represent the association in the Russian Federation.

Aleksey Matyukhov

Managing Partner,

Strategy, IR, GR, M&A, banks and investments

Alim Bishenov

Managing Partner, Advocate

Litigation and mediation, International Arbitration, Insolvency, Company Law, Corporate Fraud Prevention, Criminal Law

Denis Frolov

Head of Litigation

Timur Khutov

Advocate, Partner,
Head of Criminal Law

David Kapianidze

Head of Tax Law

Yuriy Stepanov

Certified auditor

Taras Khizhnyak

Head of Antitrust

Dispute resolution and mediation

BMS Law Firm enjoys a reputation of having one of the best practices in litigation and mediation.

Initially, the firm focused on litigating disputes, hence, the quality of services we render in this area has traditionally been exceptionally high.

Our lawyers and advocates possess a significant experience of acting for our clients in the Constitutional Court of Russia, the Supreme Arbitration (Commercial) Court of Russia, the Supreme Court of Russia and all lower courts, tribunals, law enforcement and other governmental authorities and local authorities.

BMS Law Firm aims to ensure not only a successful outcome of a case in court, but an actual enforcement of a relevant judgment. Our experts inform clients not only as to the prospects of their case in court, but whether it will be possible to recover the monies or property awarded as damages. This explains why we have one of the highest figures in terms of actually enforced judgments.

Protection of businesses from criminal liability

We specialize in representing our clients’ interests in cases pertaining to economic crimes and bribery and corruption related cases. We provide legal services to both companies and their employees and individuals.

The firm’s advocates enjoy a unique experience in conducting investigations of a wide range of crimes, both internal and external, including those committed by company shareholders and company managers and directors.

We provide services to both companies and their employees and individuals.

Tax law and tax law related disputes

Provision of legal advice on tax law related matters and client representation in litigation proceedings constitute one of the core activities of BMS Law Firm.

Many of our advisers have a history of employment with tax authorities which allows us to provide legal advice to clients considering the specifics of tax authorities’ vision of particular matters.

Key sectors


Wholesale trade (Exports and Imports)

Consumer goods (FMCG)

Banks, investments, insurance

Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT)

Energy & natural resources

Construction and development

Mechanical engineering