Давид Капианидзе
Руководитель налоговой практики
How to open a farm in Russia if you’re a foreigner

First, beginning in 2017, startup farms have the right to apply for subsidies and, if their application is approved, they will receive state assistance, says David Kapianidze, the Director of Fiscal Services at BMS Law Firm. There is also the «Beginning Farmer» program, which allows qualified parties to receive a grant for developing their own agricultural business.

Additionally, according to Kapianidze, farmers can also apply for most of the benefits designed for small business. For example, small enterprises can use simplified accounting and have the opportunity to purchase state and municipal land that they have been renting.

Finally, entrepreneurs who open a business in Russia for the first time can expect to receive a tax break for a period of up to two years. «For them, there is no VAT on developing improved techniques and breeding lines for pigs, bulls, sheep, rams, and stallions, or embryos for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and horses,» adds Kapianidze.